Creating UniFLOW Reports

Creating UniFLOW Reports

Creating UniFLOW Reports

This knowledgebase article will guide you through the process of creating UniFLOW reports for print monitoring. These reports can come in many different formats, the most commonly used are Detailed reports which show individual print jobs and Summary reports which will display a summary of how man of a certain type of job has been printed. These reports can also be scheduled to email at certain times such as every week, month, etc.

Creating an Ad-Hoc Report

  1. Navigate to the UniFLOW Server Configuration as a user with Administrator permissions within UniFLOW
    1. This will be https://<server>/pwserver
  2. When on this page, navigate to Base Data

  1. Select Statistics

  1. In this guide, we will be creating a summary report to show how many prints a user has done and on which devices
  2. To do this, select Print/Copy Activity > Summaries > Prints/Copies per user

  1. As you can see below, you can filter this down to be specific users, Cost Centers, Groups or Devices. For this example, we will not filter this to anything specific:

  1. Once you have set any desired filters, you can then select what columns you want to show on the report. For this one, we will group this by device and leave the default columns selected

  1. Next, you will need to select the date range you want to run the report for. In this example we will use current Month.
    1. Please note that the larger the timescale, the longer the report will take to run. Choosing a detailed report will increase the wait time significantly

  1. You can change the Export format of this file but we would recommend keeping this as PDF.
  2. Once you are happy with your settings, click "Display" at the bottom of the page
  3. When the report is generated, it will look like the below with each Printer split into it's own section
    1. Note that names have been censored on the below screenshot

These reports can be customized to fit your requirements. Feel free to experiment with the reporting elements to produce the reports you require.

Scheduling Print Reports

  1. To schedule a print report, access the UniFLOW server configuration as described previously
  2. Navigate to Server Config.

  1. Next, click Tasks

  1. Click the new task button - this is the top right icon that looks like a sun

  1. Select the Statistic Export Task and then click New

  1. Enter a name and a start date for your task. We will also set this task to run monthly on the first day of every month

  1. On the Special tab, this is where you can customize your report. This is the same process as an Ad-Hoc report
  2. Ensure the File Name is filled in
    1. This will also need the file extension .pdf
  3. The only difference in this method is that we need to set up the recipient to receive the report. Ensure that the Target is set to email which will allow you to customize your email address recipient, subject and Message

  1. Once you have filled in your desired settings, click "Save + Back" at the bottom of the page to save this
  2. The report will now run at the specified start date and send the email to the specified email addresses
You will need to ensure your UniFLOW system has valid SMTP details in order to send the reports via Email. To do this, you can find an article on How to Update/Change SMTP Details in UniFLOW.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact the Spectrum Support Team at
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