Changing SMTP Settings in UniFLOW

Changing SMTP Settings in UniFLOW

Changing SMTP Setting in UniFLOW

This short guide will instruct you how to change the SMTP configuration in UniFLOW for email notifications or scan to email on the Canon devices. You will need access to the "Server Config." section in the UniFLOW Server Configuration in order to make these changes.

Changing the Configuration

  1. Access the UniFLOW Server Configuration URL
    1. http://<server>/pwserver
  2. Navigate to "Server Config."

  1. Select "Notification"

  1. Select SMTP Server

  1. Select "Add SMTP Server" and enter the relevant information for your SMTP configuration
  1. Once this has been done, select "Create"

  1. You can test this by entering an email address into "Send Test To:" and clicking "Save & Send Email!"
  2. You can also delete any unneeded servers by clicking the cross on the right-hand side
    1. Existing servers can also be changed by selecting these, making the changes and selecting "Save"
      1. "Save" will be shown where "Create" is displayed in the above image

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact the Spectrum Support Team at
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