Updating a Therefore > Sage DLL in a Workflow

Updating a Therefore > Sage DLL in a Workflow

Updating the custom Sage DLL

Over time, you may have Sage updated to a new major version for various reasons. However once this is updated, you may come across some issues the a customer DLL task in the Therefore workflow for posting data into Sage. This issue comes about because the version of the files the DLL has are older than the newly updated version. This article will demonstrate how to resolve this issue and what files you need to move.

  1.  On the Server Running Therefore, open the Sage 200 Software as the account which is running the Therefore Server Service
  2. In Sage, select the cog (settings - top right of the screen) and then select the "About..."

  1. Select "System Information"

  1. Navigate to the "General Tab" and look for "Client Program Directory"

  1. Navigate to the location shown in the Client Program Directory

  1. Search for all .dll files in this folder

  1. Stop and disable the Therefore Server Service
  2. Take a backup of the Therefore "Extensions" folder
    1. This is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Therefore\Extensions
  3. Copy the .dll contents of the Sage directory into the relevant extension folder in Therefore
    1. This may be "TheWorkflow.ImportTransaction"

  1. Ensure you get no errors such as "Cannot copy, file is being used by another program".
  2. Start Therefore Server Service
  3. Test the task by putting documents through the workflow

If you require any assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@itspectrum.co.uk.

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