Clearing Errored Workflows

Clearing Errored Workflows

Clearing Errors in Therefore Workflows

This article will guide you through the process on how to clear errored instances in a Therefore workflow. Errored instances can occur when a process in the workflow runs into an issue or cannot route an instance. Clearing the instances will prompt the workflow to try and process this instance again.

Finding and Clearing Errors

  1. Open Therefore Navigator
  2. Open the Workflow Inbox section

  1. Right-click the workflow in question and select "Show All Error"

This will show any instances which have run into an error during the workflow.
  1. To clear the errored workflows, you can either:
    1. Right click them and select "Clear Error"

    2. OR
    3. Select the instance in question and select "Clear Errors" from the toolbar at the top

Carrying out this process will clear errors and allow the instances to process successfully, in most cases.

However if you try this and errors are consistently appearing, please contact

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