Checking Spindle User Settings

Checking Spindle User Settings

Checking User Settings in Spindle

This article will be a brief instruction guide on how to check the user settings in Spindle are configured correctly. This can also be used to compare settings between users for new installs. You can find how to install Spindle in our guide "Installing Spindle Document Distribution".

Locating the user settings

  1. Open Spindle Document Distribution

  1. Login to Spindle Document Distribution
    1. If you do not have the login details for this, please ask either your IT or

  1. Navigate to "User Settings" at the bottom of the navigation menu on the left-hand side

  1. Ensure the user settings are configured correctly within this window

  1. You can also ensure that the email configuration is set to "Legacy Outlook" under "Email Settings"

Comparing settings

If you are accessing Spindle Document Distribution to compare the settings for another user or potentially a fresh install on another PC, you will need to ensure the path to the Spindle data is configured. This can be found in the User Settings section like the above. However this information is in the "Options" section:

  1. The Server / Configuration is where Spindle must be pointing in order to function correctly. The Location of log files is where the logs are stored in case these are needed for diagnosis/fault finding
    1. Sensitive information has been redacted
    2. Please note that the paths shown above may differ to what is currently configured for your systems

If you require any assistance or come across any issues, please contact IT@Spectrum support at with details of the issue and screenshots where possible. 
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