Adding an Identity In UniFLOW

Adding an Identity In UniFLOW

Adding an Identity

This guide will demonstrate how to add a new identity to a user already existing in UniFLOW. This method is mainly used for Adding PIN codes for users to be able to log in and release their prints at the copier. However, this can also be used to swap card numbers from one user to another.

Accessing UniFLOW

  1. To access the user information navigate to https://<SERVER>/pwserver/
    1. You may be greeted with a message saying the page isn't secure, you can press "Advanced" and continue anyway

  1. Once you have accessed the UniFLOW Server Configuration, navigate to "Base Data" > "User"

  1. Once in the user list, select the filter button and search for the user in question
    1. You can use wildcards (*) to filter these as you can see in the example below

  1. Select the user in question, in this example we will use Reece

  1. When the user's information page shows, press "Add Identity"

  1. Drop down the "Identity Type" box and set this to PIN. Enter the required PIN in the "Value" box

  1. You will now see the PIN code you have just added

  1. Once you are finished, select "Save + Back"

f you require any assistance with this, please feel free to contact the IT@Spectrum support team at and they will be happy to assist. 

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